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Lemon House

4681 Convoy St., yelp review Lemon House is a a new pan-Asian place – in this case Vietnamese, Thai, and Malaysian – with a menu like a small phone book (pictured at right: it’s that thick because there are like … Continue reading

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Sang Deuan

3904 Convoy St. – yelp review Sang Deuan is a medium-sized place, wonderfully unpretentious, with at least one super-friendly waitress. It says right out front in neon that it’s Thai and Lao cuisine, which means it’s not only the first … Continue reading

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4813 Convoy St., yelp reviews Bad puns are not just for hair salons anymore, people! InfiniTea was leading the pack, but give AppeThai a close second. It’s a medium-sized place with not much in the way of fancy atmosphere, just … Continue reading

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Thai House

4225 Convoy St., yelp reviews Forget the food for a second.  Thai House is a time portal to those heady days – the early 90s – when Thai restaurants started to take over America.  My first was in ’92 in … Continue reading

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Koon Thai

It’s a great mystery to me why Thai places seem to all taste the same in Southern California.  Thai iced tea – universally – seems to taste the same at every restaurant; orange and delicious to be sure but always … Continue reading

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