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Tasty Noodle House

4646 Convoy, yelp reviews Tasty Noodle House is a nice new well-run Chinese place with a wide-ranging menu. If you’re willing to brave the single worst parking lot in San Diego (Convoy Street has most of the runners-up as well), … Continue reading

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Green China Grill

4688 Convoy St., yelp reviews It’s such a pleasure when a new place opens up on Convoy and takes us jaded food bloggers by surprise. Green China Grill is a clean medium-sized place whose most obvious feature is a staggering … Continue reading

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Myung In Dumplings

4344 Convoy St., yelp reviews I’m a bit confused about Myung In Dumplings: it seems to be a Korean-Chinese place, by which I mean a Chinese place as it would appear in Korea. Mostly dumplings served in a kind of … Continue reading

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Xi’an Kitchen

4690 Convoy St., yelp review Xi’an – already standing out as the only “X” on the list – achieves instant immortality by being the only Asian restaurant on Convoy which doesn’t serve rice! That’s because 95% of the dishes on … Continue reading

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Dumpling Inn

4625 Convoy St., yelp reviews UPDATED! The Dumpling Inn (now with the post-fix: Shanghai Saloon) has moved one door down and two steps up on the hipster scale (there are funky rickshaws built into the decor!), but the quality has … Continue reading

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Yu’s Garden

4646 Convoy St., yelp reviews Yu’s Garden is a smallish Taiwanese place, new to the neighborhood.  The food is cheap, and the menu is more pan-Chinese than Taiwanese – though recognizable regional dishes like beef noodle soup do appear.  The … Continue reading

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Jasmine Seafood Restaurant

4609 Convoy St., yelp reviews The Jasmine is San Diego’s largest Chinese restaurant, serving old-school Cantonese dishes at night and dim sum every day for lunch.  Despite its warehouse size, the chaotic dim sum experience actually overflows the restaurant every … Continue reading

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