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Crab Hut

4646 Convoy St., yelp review The truth is we skipped Crab Hut on our initial circumnavigation of Convoy Street. Our mission statement only extends to Asian restaurants, and the giant neon “Louisiana Style” sign in the window suggested this place … Continue reading

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Lemon House

4681 Convoy St., yelp review Lemon House is a a new pan-Asian place – in this case Vietnamese, Thai, and Malaysian – with a menu like a small phone book (pictured at right: it’s that thick because there are like … Continue reading

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Tasty Noodle House

4646 Convoy, yelp reviews Tasty Noodle House is a nice new well-run Chinese place with a wide-ranging menu. If you’re willing to brave the single worst parking lot in San Diego (Convoy Street has most of the runners-up as well), … Continue reading

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K Cuisine

4688 Convoy St., yelp reviews K Cuisine is a small new Korean place, sharing a crowded parking lot with China Max. The decor is relaxed, entirely unpretentious, and the menu is very much standard Korean diner food, like quite a … Continue reading

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Green China Grill

4688 Convoy St., yelp reviews It’s such a pleasure when a new place opens up on Convoy and takes us jaded food bloggers by surprise. Green China Grill is a clean medium-sized place whose most obvious feature is a staggering … Continue reading

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Sang Deuan

3904 Convoy St. – yelp review Sang Deuan is a medium-sized place, wonderfully unpretentious, with at least one super-friendly waitress. It says right out front in neon that it’s Thai and Lao cuisine, which means it’s not only the first … Continue reading

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4813 Convoy St., yelp reviews Bad puns are not just for hair salons anymore, people! InfiniTea was leading the pack, but give AppeThai a close second. It’s a medium-sized place with not much in the way of fancy atmosphere, just … Continue reading

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