Crab Hut

crabhut24646 Convoy St., yelp review

The truth is we skipped Crab Hut on our initial circumnavigation of Convoy Street. Our mission statement only extends to Asian restaurants, and the giant neon “Louisiana Style” sign in the window suggested this place wouldn’t fit. But it turns out that – wonderful world that we live in – there is a decade-long tradition of fusion between Vietnamese and Cajun culinary cultures. The internet suggests Vietnamese restaurants began serving crawfish boils in Houston, mixing in heavy butter and lemon grass sauces to the standard cajun spices, and the idea moved to Southern California. The grub – sausage, crab, crawfish, oysters, shrimp, clams, potatos and corn – comes out in a large clear plastic bag which gets slopped all over the table and shared. Bibs and gloves are provided.

It’s a beautiful mess.

crabhut1We ordered the “Seafood Bucket” with the “Full House” sauce option, $55, but enough to feed 3-4 people fairly easily. It’s all good, but for some reason, I felt that the high points were the sausage and corn – cheapest things on the menu. It’s funny how that happens. Apart from the family-sized helpings of boiled seafood, there are a few things you can order a la carte.  We tried the fried oysters, which were excellent. I could order the fried oysters with nothing but sausage and corn and be perfectly happy.

If you’re hungry and you’ve got a posse of fearless seafood lovers at your back, this would be a good choice.

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