Lemon House

4681 Convoy St., yelp reviewlemonhouse2

Lemon House is a a new pan-Asian place – in this case Vietnamese, Thai, and Malaysian – with a menu like a small phone book (pictured at right: it’s that thick because there are like two items per beautifully photographed page). If you’ve read my blog at all attentively, you’ll know I was beside myself with excitement about the possibility of Malaysian food on Convoy.

lemonhouse1First impressions were good: the space is well-lit, the walls are largely bare of chic kitsch, and the waitstaff are charmingly inexperienced in English. A photoshoot proceeded in earnest in a corner, possibly they plan additions to the menu.

We ordered a lot of food. Scallops with vermicelli, Vietnamese bun with egg rolls, and fried pork ribs. We had stir-fried greens referred to as convolvulus, which Wikipedia tells me is a flowering plant in the bindweed family, probably Morning Glory. It made for a decent meal, but no dish stood out. Actually, most of the food was fairly mediocre – uninspired sauces and overcooked meat. The best dish we ordered was the seafood laksa – a Malaysian soup with a heavy yellow curry and coconut base. Damn tasty and available nowhere else in San Diego that I know of.

lemonhouse3The biggest disappointment was that nasi lemak – a delicious coconut-rice-based dish I became very attached to in my short time in Kuala Lumpur – was nowhere in evidence. Maybe it will make its appearance on the new and expanded menu they were photographing for. But sadly, I may not be returning to find out.

And, darnit, I so loved the name Lemon House!

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