Green China Grill

4688 Convoy St., yelp reviews


beef brisket noodle soup (thanks for the photo Jenne)

It’s such a pleasure when a new place opens up on Convoy and takes us jaded food bloggers by surprise. Green China Grill is a clean medium-sized place whose most obvious feature is a staggering amount of bright parrot green on every surface, broken here and there with bits of brilliant orange. So, not particularly atmospheric, is what I’m saying.

When we went (invited by the gals of the Convoy Conquest!) there were only two items available, and they were both beef noodle soup. Luckily, the beef noodle soup is amazing – particularly the brisket. The noodles are hand-made – you can watch the lady slapping, stretching, and slicing them into submission through a big window into the kitchen. (Come to think of it – I think this may be the only Chinese place on Convoy with guts enough to let you see into the kitchen. It’s a brave new world!) The beef is very tender, but it’s the broth which stands out: not especially spicy but loaded with the famous Sichuan flower pepper that numbs your tongue and lips.  I’m told this is called Lanzhou-style soup. Tinglicious!

We also got a variety of items from the glass cabinet of cold veggies: lotus root, seaweed, cucumber, all excellent.

One assumes that as it grows up (only three weeks old when we visited) the other items on the menu will come online. I’d return to try the grilled corn and squid skewers. I’m not always in the mood for Chinese noodle soup, but when I am I certainly prefer Green China Grill.

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