Sang Deuan

sangdeuan3904 Convoy St. – yelp review

Sang Deuan is a medium-sized place, wonderfully unpretentious, with at least one super-friendly waitress. It says right out front in neon that it’s Thai and Lao cuisine, which means it’s not only the first Laotian food on Convoy, but also the first I’ve ever had, so I was chomping at the bit to try it out.

At first glance, the menu seemed to be all Thai dishes – standards like Pad Prik or Pad See Ew that every urban American knows like the back of her tongue. But on the Sang Deuan menu, many of these dishes can be had Thai-style or Lao-style. We ordered the green papaya salad (Lao-style), the Pad Lao (just like Pad Thai but more savory) and something called Choo Chee. Everything exceeded expectations. Lao-style seems to mean thicker, richer, browner, though I’m sure it’s more technical than that. The Choo Chee was chunks of perfectly flaky fish, deep-fried and left half-drowned in a thick creamy sweet spicy goopy sauce of whose ingredients I would not venture a guess. It was excellent. In fact, I would declare the Choo Chee to be 100% Must-Eat Convoy Grub. Do not eat here without ordering it.

I hope this place does well, I’ll certainly be returning. Now if only we could get some Indonesian food on Convoy…

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