Convoy Tofu House

convoytofu4229 Convoy St., yelp reviews

Convoy Tofu House is one of the better Korean diners on the street.  It’s a medium-sized no-nonsense kinda place, with the usual K-Pop playing on the TV monitors.

The banchan – all the little pre-meal veggies – are fine but don’t stand out; for more interesting banchan I suggest Josun or Friends’ House, both on the Northern end of Convoy.  The grilled meats are of the standard deliciousness: I’ve never had a pile of Galbi ribs I didn’t like.  But the stews – particularly the staple sundubu – are just right: the heavy red broth contrasting with tofu so light it vanishes on your tongue.  Abracadabra!

I’m especially enamored of a lunch combo available here: a small tofu stew and a small bibimbap, with all the veggies, for like $10.  This solves the perennial problem of whether to go hot and heavy or light and refreshing: simply order both, breathe deep, and bring balance to the world.

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