Josun Korean BBQ

josun4681 Convoy St., yelp reviews

Yet another Korean BBQ on Convoy.  Josun is a fairly homey place, with not a whole lot of what you might call atmosphere, but that’s generally a good sign.

Based on all the little cold veggie plates alone, Josun is one of the best Korean places we’ve hit.  They were simply superior: fresh, tasty, varied, including some kind of stinky spinach-y dish I was unable to identify.  The BBQ items we tried – bulgogi and short ribs – were also good, though not particularly more wonderful than others I’ve tried.  I love it when the ribs come with a nice pile of half-caramelized onions, yum.

I must say this: vegetarians beware.  The kimchi tofu stew is in fact full of pork, and the black bean noodles, full of beef.  And asking whether an item is vegetarian can and will be interpreted as asking whether it has vegetables.  Not that this is particularly surprising, but Josun turned out to be particularly hard on our herbivorous contingent.  (Both the aforementioned dishes, though loaded with stealth meat, were delicious – not cloying or syrupy as they can often be.)

What else did we try?  Seafood stew and goat stew – both all thumbs up.  Somehow, nobody ordered a bibim bap, that perfect staple of the Korean eatery, but, darnit, I think I know just how to rectify that miscalculation.  Like MacArthur, we shall return.

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