FuAn Garden

fuan4768 Convoy St., yelp reviews

The good news trend continues.  FuAn Garden is yet another recent Szechuan joint on Convoy, and, like the others we’ve visited – Spicy House, Szechuan Chef -, it’s top notch.

There is a special smell I associate with a good Chinese place.  I’m not sure what exactly it’s made of – ginger and garlic surely, and maybe a bit of the smell of the grease traps.  I smelled it as soon as I opened the door at FuAn.  We tried the eggplant with “brown sauce” and the fish and tofu with black beans – both good and temperature-hot, though I’d get the eggplant szechuan-style next time: the brown sauce was a little bland.

The stand out by far came from the “specials” menu: deep-fried pork ribs.  Covered in dry chilis, these delicacies were so perfectly steeped in the infamous sichuan flower peppers that I could almost make out a scary haze floating above them – a floral cloud of yum.  The ribs themselves were spicy and definitely numbing, but not so much as to obscure their strong salty taste.  I’d like to come back with a hardy crew and explore the specials menu more fully.

Friendly waitstaff, unpretentious vibe, fantastic grub.  To top it off, you push a button on your way out and a little mechanical bird presents you with a toothpick in its beak.  Long live the Great Convoy Recon!

p.s. I’ve now been back here five or six times and it is just real damn good.  The snow pea leaves are excellent, the spicy eggplant great, and those pork ribs are still top of my list for amazing foods to be found on Convoy.  There is a soup – with egg and tomato – that I keep hearing raves about, but have yet to try.  Fu An is the real deal, folks!

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