Jeong Won Korean BBQ Buffet

jeong14690 Convoy St., yelp reviews

Jeong Won is a more laid back Korean BBQ with a collegiate atmosphere and homey sayings peppering the walls.  It is a grill-your-own all-you-can-eat (AYCE) place – often a contra-indication – but unlike the others we’ve tried, it’s also a buffet.  There’s a bar for piles of raw meat, a bar for raw veggies, a bar for all the cold side dishes, and a bar for various dipping sauces and marinades.

jeong3We tried just about everything, and I’d say it was all as good or better than we’ve had at similar grill-your-own places: spicy chicken and pork, short ribs, two kinds of bacon (yum!), lamb, mussels, shrimp, squid, sole.  Top marks go to the “fruity chicken”, in a kind of citrus marinade.  The side dishes were also very good: it’s nice to be able to get exactly the ones you want.  I myself can never get enough of the yuchae – Korean spinach in garlic.  Most of all, I dug the salsa bar (did they take a tip from Baja Fresh?) which solved one of the perennial problems of the grill-your-own experience: everything can end up tasting the same.  Sesame oil, spicy mayo, wasabi, sriracha, weird things – it was great.  And the fact that there’s a bar of raw veggies – nothing to write home about in itself – does mean you can invite your vegetarian friends, though all that meat may gross them out.  The friendly staff also bring out miso soup and Korean savory pancakes, moist and comforting.

jeong2At $17.95 per person, you’ve got to want it.  But I feel I can safely say this was the best AYCE Korean BBQ we’ve hit up so far, for food and vibe both.  If I’m ever hungry enough again, let’s go back.

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