Red Moon Noodle House

redmoon4646 Convoy St., yelp reviews

Red Moon Noodle House is a fantastic name: no idea what the derivation might be; maybe a red moon is a harvest moon, and the image of harvest conjures abundance and delicious variety and freshness.  It’s a smallish place with random yard sale art on the walls, and the short menu doesn’t even include their “soup dumplings” (I had to ask for them special) which are clearly the crowd favorite, both on and in my own estimation.  The menu describes it as a Japanese-style Chinese place; possibly this means it is a restaurant like the Chinese restaurants in Japan – I certainly saw nothing in the decor or the menu to hint at Japanese-ness, though I did see a few Thai noodle items.  Prices were in the $8-11/entree range.

The soup dumplings are excellent – delicious little explosions of smoky soup wrapped in dumpling dough.  We ordered something else not on the menu – thin tofu and cabbage – which was fairly bland but fun.  Braised garlic eggplant – a standard I always go to at Chinese places – was tasty, maybe a touch syrupy.  We also tried salt and pepper shrimp: deep fried crustaceans with a dry spiciness that I loved.  And though we didn’t order Singapore noodles, the guy sitting across from us did, and the wafting aroma of that rich yellow curry nearly guaranteed that I’ll be back to try it.

Long and short: I dug it and will surely return to juggle more soup dumplings.  Don’t play with your food!

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