Szechuan Chef

szechef14344 Convoy St., yelp reviews

Here’s a review that’ll be a pleasure to write, though possibly not as pleasurable as the actual eating was.  Szechuan Chef is a 3-month-old medium size Szechuan place with a nice clean not-overly-done vibe, fine service, and as enticing a menu as I’ve ever seen.  It’s always a bonus to get to see what you’re ordering, and this menu had giant gleaming pictures of most menu items.  As with most Chinese places, servings were also gleaming and somewhat giant.

The challenges for a new restaurant are huge; most fail in the first year.  I’ve got my fingers crossed for this one.

Sauteed pea pot leaves in garlic and ginger were excellent and came piping hot from the wok.  Squid in hot chili was also excellent: it’s a somewhat dry dish, so maybe not the thing to order by yourself, but on the table with a bunch of other items it was a treat and spicy as hell.  “Country-style” pork looked like a pile of bacon, but was in fact very moist, thick slices of pig arranged to hide a pile of tasty but unrecognizable wrinkly mushrooms beneath.  At least I think they were mushrooms.

szechef2The stand-out dish for me (though I would have been perfectly happy with just the others) was the “Beef Roll” – a kind of wrap with greasy flatbread, roast beef, a little plum sauce, and a load of cilantro.  This was the stuff of cult-following.  Yum!

I took this picture of the menu mostly for the cryptic translation at the bottom: “Reminder: All in order to prevail in kind!”  Make of this what you will.  Maybe what they’re saying is, ‘our food is so good, we don’t need to make sense.’

So far, with like 10% of the results in from the great Convoy Recon, it looks like Szechuan is killing it.  No doubt, some ethnographic geographer could explain away the magic with reference to immigration patterns and economic stimuli, but I just say yum.  I’ll be back here in a heartbeat with the first foodie that lets me get a word in edgewise.

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