Roadem BBQ

roadem4344 Convoy St., yelp

Roadem is a big All-You-Can-Eat (hereafter referred to by the AYCE acronym) Korean BBQ place.  There are a number of categories of meal served here, each providing a different selection of meats; the cheapest, at $9.99 for lunch, gets you all the thin beef, pork – marinated, spicy, or both -, and chicken you could hope for, plus the usual spread of cold veggies and rice.

I’m not sure why I took a picture of this spoon with its funny paper poncho, rather than of the food itself, which was plentiful, feast-like even.  At least you can see the grill there, glowing in the middle of the table.  Everything was good.  All the veggies – kimchi, sprouts, potatoes, tofu, radishes – were tasty; the rice, in its usual steel bowl, was steamy and delicious.  The meat was not bad, though I wasn’t crazy about the beef, and the spicy pork was a bit cloying, but the chicken was a repeat.  Higher-priced AYCE menus get you higher quality cuts of meat, and salmon from the look of the pics I see on yelp: I’d like to try those next time, though it’s hard to deviate from the cheap option.  Service was good as well – quick seating, and orders and extras brought promptly. It gets pretty hot in there though: no amount of AC can defeat all those personal grills cooking cheerfully away.  Not the best spot to cool off in the summer.

Long and short, a good place to chow down.

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