rakirakiRakiRaki is a fairly chic little ramen place with a small menu and a friendly waitstaff.  We started out with some crab-stuffed jalapeño rolls which came maybe a little blander than expected, but still tasty.  The main event was the ramen – which you can order in the traditional soup or as tsukumen, meaning noodles on the side and a dipping broth.  Always game for an innovation, we went the tsukumen route with spicy miso.  The soup was a thick red ooze – more heavy than spicy – which was delicious but kind of hard on the digestive system; it reminded me of palm oil stews I had in Ghana, and the noodles were OK, but lacking something.  Maybe ramen noodles shouldn’t really be separated from their primordial stew.  The high point was the “Flame Blistered Prime X. O. Under Belly Chasiu” – a slab of tasty bacon submerged deep in its red pool, like a Lovecraftian monster swimming through its submarine lair.

I’m not sure we really ordered a wide enough variety to say much definitive about RakiRaki: I’d like to come back and try a traditional Shoyu-flavored ramen with its noodles where they should be.  I guess that at least means I’d like to come back.

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